Friday, 29 May 2009

Meeting Online Friends....

from other countries and cultures is really exciting, and we had a FAB time, in Paris as you all know! Unfortunately Barbara could not make it to our lunch, as she had only just had an unforeseen operation.... luckily all went well, and she is now up and about..! So pleased that at last she can get out and about.. Have lots of FUN Barbara, you deserve it!
I just couldn't of left Paris without meeting her, so Leesa, arranged an afternoon suitable for all. Luckily we found time, as we were leaving on the Saturday...only had two days left. We found our way across Paris, to the suburbs....met Leesa and took a lovely walk to Barbara's house...

Lovely flowers on the way!!

and there she was, waiting for us!!! We all went off to a little cafe/bar..and chatted away, so pleased we managed to meet up..even if it was just for an hour or so..Better than not at all!!!!

Caroline, Leesa, Barbara and Me.

It was great to meet everyone, made the trip very very enjoyable, and now we are all FRIENDS...not just online faces behind a blog!!


  1. It's so great that you all went out to see Barbara. You and Caroline certainly made the most of your time in Paris -- with Leesa's help!

  2. A lovely photo, I it is obvious to see you were having fun :-)

  3. Great photo of you all. I think it's fascinating meeting other bloggers.

  4. Isn't is wonderful! Glad you could meet!! Have a relaxing weekend Anne!
    and have fun!

  5. And I'm sure that Barbara appreciated the effort too. Have a good weekend!

  6. Hi Anne,
    You,Caroline & Leesa were just FAB to come all the way out to see me. I remember how happy I was ( and still am) about this.

    It is a nice walk from the RER station up to the house in the Spring.Very nicely photographed here !

    I'm much better now, and yes, I really did appreciate this.
    Hugs XX

  7. Hey there, Anne! Happy sunny Sunday to you! I'm writing to you from sunny Strasbourg and I can't get log in to blogger for some reason to post pics, so I'm using this time to catch up on all of my favourite blogs!!! I had such a lovely time with you and Caroline! Please say hello to her from me! Can't wait til you both come back. I love the pic of us! Great shot.... It was a nice visit with Barbara!
    Take care, Leese

  8. Hi Anne!! thanks for your visit on my blog! and thanks for the compliments..wish we will meet some day! :-D everything you need I'm here :-D

  9. What a fantastic time you had!


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