Sunday, 31 May 2009

Feeling Flowery.....

In the last few days I have been out and about, with my camera, thought I would just share a few of the lovely images I captured....

Strawberry Flower

In a Garden Centre
Poppy and I think a Lily

My Mother-in-laws Flowering Cacti

from around the corner


  1. Lovely blog, wish you visited more other nice place and people. Greeting from Belgium

  2. Hi Louise..thanks for calling into my blog and leaving a how did you find me??? I love Belgium too, been a few times, last year went to Spa for the Grandprix and visited Bruge..

  3. Lovely anne. Are they from your garden? Do you know what the second (white one ) is called?

  4. Love the cacti flowers and the poppies.

  5. That orange poppy is brilliant. How did you shoot it? On macro focus? Great shot!

  6. Lovely flowers, excellent shots!

  7. Hi Anne,
    SO pretty !
    I always stop and admire pretty flowers .People should slow done for the simple things of life a little more.
    I hope that everything is fine at your home. See you soon & have a great week.
    Hugs xx

  8. I love flower photos and these are lovely I especially like the cati one :-)

  9. Scintilla - No not from my garden, just different places I have been. pleased you like them.

    WL- pleased you like them, I was just practicing.I amazed myself :-)

    lisa - thanks for calling in, left and comment of your blog :-)

    Philip - thank you ..i am practicing, not a new camera though, just trying harder :-)

    Barbara - I am so busy somedays, but even walking to work or the bus, I notice the flowers, but never take photos, well not normally.. :-) Have a great week too..xox

    Sally - Pleased you love them, I don't normally do flowers like this, but just thought I would give it a go, and I surprised myself :-) xox

  10. Very pretty...I love flowers!

  11. All is blooming wonderfully in your photos in Oxfordshire Anne! I especially like the vibrant colored flowers.

    Have a great day!


  12. Gorgeous photos! They are all beautiful ... the mother-in-law is a funny name :) for a pretty flower.


  13. Rainy season is just about to start where I'm at right now, so we don't yet have the pretty flowers you enjoy... maybe soon!

    It was good to see you again today, thanks for saying hi!

    Ciao, ciao :)

  14. They're beautiful, Anne. I really must get myself a better camera - mine doesn't even have a zoom or focus. You've inspired me. xxx

  15. Beautiful pictures. I love the last orange flower. Perfection.

  16. There are all lovely but I like the poppy one best of all :-)

  17. Beautiful pictures! I do love poppies !!! (and all the others too, but particularly fond of poppies!)

  18. Beautiful pictures! I do love poppies !!! (and all the others too, but particularly fond of poppies!)

  19. Nice pics... what lens did you use? Gotta get me one of those, oh, and probably practise a whole lot...

  20. wow Anne, they are incredible!

  21. Wow, that poppy looks like a painting.

  22. Lucy - Thanks, happy that you liked them..:-)

    Rochambeau - All blooming good here :-) the orange is stunning isn;t it ! Thanks for coming over again xox Have a great week.

    Carolyn - Ha Ha oh yes just read it again ..but it is a stunning flower :-)

    Roam2Rome - Thanks for calling in today , thank you..hope your flowers come soon!

    Casalba - sop pleased I gave you inspiration..i do hope that you can get yourself a new camera, will make all the difference to you:-)

    Pumpkin - ah thank you for the lovely comment, I shocked myself when I saw the Poppy picture.

    CherryPie - I think the poppy is my favourite too..but I liket them all..thanks.

    Kim - Thanks for coming over, I love poppies, they just seem like a "free" flower..they flow .. :-)

    Shaun - thanks for commenting. My camera is just a Digital Exlim Casio 8.1 mega pixels...Optical 3x, it was a surprise picture though!

    Ilva - Thank you some you take so many flower photos, which are super, I just wanted you to see mine, I was amazed.. :-)

    Corine - Total amazement to myself..I was just practicing, when I downloaded I was like Stunned.

  23. GORGEOUS pics, Anne!! You have a GREAT eye... I just love flower pics... Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi Leesa..Thank you so much, the Poppy photo was a big surprise to me...didn't know it would turn out like that !! Hugs Anne

    James - Pleased you liked them :-)

  25. Hello Ann
    I have come to you from Scintilla.

    Like you I love to look closely at flowers. The inside of your poppy is amazing - there is so much detail and geometry to appreciate in flowers.

    Happy Days


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