Monday, 16 March 2009

A Small French Market in Oxfordshire....

Yesterday I walked into town,on a very sunny day and saw a delight....A French Market!!! Didn't buy much, had a few tasters! It was great to see, the crowds of people, lets hope the market comes back again!!!

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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spring Flowers..

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Taking a Flight!!!

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This was my sky view as I was leaving my house to walk to town..I was fascinated and amazed. We live on the edge of flight path from Heathrow. The aircraft make their way over Oxfordshire, to the Atlantic and onwards to Canada and America.

We don't normally see as many, but informed by my husband, this could be down to climatic conditions, such as moisture or temperature.

But for whatever reasons, it made the sky dramatic!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

One of our Favourite Pasta Makers......

is Lucio Garofalo. This used to be available years and years ago, and we both remember this blue packet in our kitchens...the taste is so good! Up until 2 years ago, we were able to buy in most of Sainsburys or Waitrose Supermarkets no no ...not anymore, and so we have to snap it up when spotted!! This did come from Sainsburys but the Swindon branch near to my son and his wife. They remembered and bought us a few packets.

De Cecco
is another brand that we use a lot, so it all depends what is available on the night!

For tonights supper I cooked up some...

Pancetta, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Chilli and Garlic.

Cooked the Pasta and added this to the sauce, so much better. The pasta absorbs all the flavours and juices from the pan!

so simple, and very very tasty! Photo is of whats left!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Our Short Walk.....

took us through the countryside of Berkshire.

There were only two of us, Liz the leader wanted to do a reckie, for next weeks walk so I went along with her.

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follow blue line clockwise

We started our walk at South Fawley , and then towards Whatcombe, where we came across an amazing house with beautiful gardens and very well designed trees. As we made our way round the side of the house and up the hill we were able to see Whatcombe Racing Stables which is one of the largest and oldest training centres in the UK and is set in 450 acres, boasting 5 sets of gallops ( three grass and two all weather surfaces ), an Equine pool and Indoor School...we continued through the fields, with delightful views, passing Pounds Farm, Cranes Farm and Old Warren...and back round to South Fawley.

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Liz and I had a great time, lovely weather, great company with lots of chat!!