Wednesday, 14 January 2009

More from Colletta di Castelbianco, Liguria...

Please click on photo to enlarge. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them. I still have a few more to put up, still sorting through them!


  1. Hi Anne,
    Will be back to view all tomorrow!!
    Have a great night!


  2. Hi Anne,
    Stopping back by to thank you for these photos! Especially like the one of the cat. ALL are great. Wish I could click them bigger!!
    I would love to see the sweet shop bigger especially!!!
    Have a great day!!!


  3. Makes me want to book the next plane to Italy.

  4. What a tranquil and lovely place. I forgot to tell you I love your new header!

  5. I love the persimmon tree, don't they look like lovely "ornaments" in their natural state? And it looks like you had the place all to yourselves!

    About the cheddar, I love mine sharp too, but tell me that it's from the UK and I love all of them! Not sure if it's possible to have cheese sent (successfully) to Italy (never tried), so I try to find shops that carry a selection of international formaggi. Neal's Yard Dairy is the only cool website that I know of so if you can suggest others, do let me know!

  6. Love the collages. Markets are absolutely fascinating places and full of photo opportunities. The places in Liguria are wonderful as well. Nice to take your travels even if they are second hand they are first rate.

  7. James - Thank you for calling in again..nice comment thanks.

    Leesa - Hi Leesa, very pleased you loved them, a few more to come yet :-)

    Philip - Nice to see you here again, thank you pleased you enjoyed.

    Rochambeau - Really happy that you enjoyed my photos - just for you have added photo of the icecream parlour slightly bigger..:-)

    Linda - I am dreaming of my next Italian holiday already, I cannot get enough of the place..but I might go back to France yet, not sure.

    Scintilla - It is a truly amazing tranquil place. Of course we went out of season, so otherwise it would be very very busy. Either side of High season would be a good idea. Thanks for loving my new header..:-)

    Rowena - The tree looks wonderful. I had never seen a Persimmion tree, that is why I have quite a few photos of them..We did practically have the place to ourselves..only people who live there all the time were in the apartments..and as I said we went out of season..Thanks!

    Will see if any more companies send cheeses to Europe!

  8. Bella Baita View - Hi, thanks for your great comments, so pleased that you could travel with me, and that you enjoyed my collages.

    Barcelona was great, so going to do more on there. And you know what I think of Liguria...!!! Can't add anything to that.

  9. Thanks or the photos. Haven't been to this part of Italy- so I always love getting a show of a new place!

  10. Thank you Anne!!
    For blowing up the Candy Shop!!
    The big photos are festive and happy!!
    You are the best!


  11. Nice post Anne.
    Thanks for the stories.

  12. Hi Anne,

    Goegeous; I especially love the ones taken in the ice cream parlor.
    There are so many yummy things to eat :)
    I can just imagine that you would love to return to Italy one day.

    Tkae care & have a great weekend.

  13. Thank You pleased I could share my trip with you all and that your had a great time viewing...happy that you enjoyed them. :-)


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