Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Bernard Noble Sculpture Prize 2008.....

goes to Toby Christian for "Snowball".

Snowball’ is carved from a block of white Carrara marble. The work aims to address issues such as the temporal aspect of outdoor sculpture, the status of the handmade within contemporary fine art and truth to materials

Toby was awarded by The Bernard Noble Sculpture Foundation, the jurors enjoyed the twin ironies of the freezing of a snowball’s fleeting nature in stone and of a snowball set in Italy’s sunny clime. The marble snowball sculpture will reference the stone quarries one passes on the way to Colletta and the chiselled medieval rocks from which Colletta itself was created.

The foundation chose the extraordinary medieval e-village of Colletta di Castelbianco in Liguria in Italy to establish a sculpture park that will be open to the public on a permanent basis. What better place could you find...beautiful!!


  1. Tony's snowball is very creative and special!

    Merry Christmas to you Anne. May the season twinkle all around you.


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