Friday, 12 September 2008


On our way back to Calais from Brussels, we had a stop-over in Brugge. We only had a an hour, just enough time for a coffee and a quick browse!!


  1. what a cute place! love the buildings behind the horses.

  2. I love the architecture there! And inside the shops the look very similar to what we'd find here.

  3. I love to visit Brugge... outside tourist season. It’s wonderful. The cathedral is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen! You shouold go back there one day and make a boat-tour through the little canals!

  4. I love that city you have brought back some fond memories.

  5. Thank you for the introduction to Brugge Anne! It looks charming. I had never heard of it before.
    Thank you for stopping by. You brightened my day.


  6. Brugge is totaly on my list for a visit someday. They have great flea markets there too :)

  7. I love Brugge. It's almost Disneyland perfect but I'm so glad everything has been preserved.

  8. truly stunning.

    i love the images you've selected.

  9. Thank you to you all for the lovely comments. and welcome my new reader,Paul. Brugge is truly a lovely place to visit, very cute, very quaint. Delightful small shops, and the square is magnificent.

    I have been there a few times, but only for quick visits. If any of you get to either re-visit or visit for the first time, I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Nicolette - yes your right, out of tourist season is the best, thats when I like going places!!

    Cherrypie, pleased I brought back fond memories for you. I remember going with my husband for a day, years ago, mine were fond memories as well!!

    Rochambeau.. I am surprised you haven't heard of Brugge, very historic. So pleased I brightened your day though :-)

  10. Erin - very cute place, you would love it.

    Leslie - Architecture is brilliant, shops very cute.

    My Melange - you would love the flea markets over there, you would need more than a day here though:-)

    Linda - all preserved, which is so great. Nothing out of place here.

    Paul - thanks for the lovely comments about my photos. and thanks for visiting me. How did you find me???

  11. Hi Anne!

    Just wanted to stop by and visit your blog and to say thank you, for visiting mine the other day!

    What a lovely blog you have here!

    I LOVE your header, and the saying that you share about not looking back - because it’s so TRUE!

    In fact I’ve enjoyed reading several of the sayings you share here.

    It’s funny that I landed on this post about Brussels, because I visited there briefly, on my way to living in Amsterdam for a summer. I did some theater there and LOVED it!

    Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and say hi!

    Have a wonderful week, Anne!

  12. Anne, I couldn't help but focus in on the chocolate shop (I luvvv chocolate), but are those several sets of boobs in the window? They look like they have demi-bras on but boy do they take demi to a new level!

  13. It does look like a great place for shopping - even for bras.

    But, hang on, are they selling Christmas stuff already??? Years just keep getting shorter and shorter.

  14. Hi Ron thank you so much for your great comments about my blog! Wow I love Amsterdam, I used to visit Holland and Amsterdam quite a few years ago when I lived at RAF Laarbruch in Germany, which is just on the Dutch border.

    Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

  15. I have alwsys loved Bruges, though I haven't visited it for 30 years. Thank you for reminding me of it!

  16. Lovely place. I remembere running desperately towards the road for teh port late one night desperate to get the last ferry!
    PS. I am back, but will you recognise me?

  17. I've been to Brugge and it's just lovely!

  18. Rowena - yes they are boobs just couldn;t resist the photo :-) I was surprised when I saw them in the window!!!

    Casalba - Yes couln't believe it when I saw the christmas things. They were all on display but in the back of the gift shop!

    WL - No problem, I am sure it still looks the same :-)

    Charlie - thanks for visiting, but don;t know who you are, and can;t visit your blog. No Access! Let me know who you are :-)

    Leanne - certainly is a lovely place to visit.

  19. I'd really like to visit Brugge one day, I had to be there in August with my parents, but I had a problem with my personal situation (you read it on my blog) and decided to stay at home. I hope to travel soon!
    How are you? Thanks a lot for your comment and for following me, I want to write more again.
    TTYL, ciao!


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