Sunday, 3 August 2008


Leslie who's blog is The Pedalogue..did a great post about visiting a Butterfly Farm, which prompted me to show some photos of our trip to Stratford Upon Avon, way back in 2006. We visted the Butterfly Farm there and it was amazing..They also had Insect City, Arachnoland and the Caterpillar room.


  1. I love butterflies and your are just beautiful Anne!!! I visited one in NYC in the Central Park Zoo, if my memory serves me and it was so much fun. All the stunning colors!

  2. We have lavender in our yard and it attracts butterflies like crazy. I love sitting on our porch and watching them flutter around.

  3. They are beautiful. Did you actually go inside Arachnoland!!! I can cope with the odd house spider, but that would give me the heebejeebees.

  4. Hello Anne,
    Those are beautiful butterflies ! I was at a tropical hothouse last year that had a butterfly collection. That was in Honfleur, near Le Havre in France.
    I could just spend hours in such a place.

    BTW- You are up for aa award at my blog ;)

  5. Hi My Melange..thank you for your lovely comment...yes it was fun, strange at first, with the heat and all the butterflies just flying at you!! :-)

    Yes linda, watching them is amazing..I have Buddleja, which is the Butterfly plant...

    Hi Casalba, Yes I actually went in the Aracnoland...bit scary but they were behind glass!!!

    Hi you made my monday...thank you for your lovely comment...they are fascinating to watch.

    Thanks for my award...:-)

  6. Those are beautiful butterflies! I tried to get a shot of the blue one that was flying around but it was impossible. Apparently, when it lights and folds up its wings, it blends into the trees as the underside of the wings are brown.

    I also saw lots of those owl butterfies, too.

  7. Hi Leslie...think the blue butterfly was attracted to my husbands shirt!!! I didn;t know that about the wings being was beautiful.. :-)

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