Monday 12 May 2008

Hi to all my fellow bloggers......

Have been away for a few days...went to Cambridge to stay with my brother, also to see my mum. Hopefully will have a few photos...forgot my camera, have to wait for them to be forwarded to me..

Had a chance to catch up with Sally and Geoff, which was good, don't know when will get to see them again, hope its not too long.

So I have a lot of blogs to read and catch up on!!!! Will visit you all soon. :-)


  1. Anne, it was great to see you and so unexpected too :-) glad you had a good week-end .

  2. Looking forward to the photos, Anne.

  3. It's always nice to get away, isn't it? But home is good, too. I'm looking forward to the photos. By the way, I'm hoping to make it over this summer and would love to meet up with you, Sally, and Ellee.

  4. so happy you got to get away... hope you are refreshed and recharged and enjoy your week dear friend!


  5. Thank you to all my friends for the lovely comments :-)


Thank you to everyone for commenting, it certainly makes my day. A pleasure to see everyone of you. Old and New.. Blogging not only opens up the world but gives us new friends.