Thursday 13 December 2007

Poetry Book

A few years ago, when I was living in Daventry, I went to my friendly gift shop,I was just browsing around as I normally did and came across a poetry book. Now to be very honest this is not what I would normally read, but I loved it. I have done a search for this book on Amazon but to no avail. The book is called Elsewhere by Karen T Brown. Tonight I came across the book whilst waiting for Sally to come back on here is a poem I have picked out.


I walk along the shoreline,
But my footsteps fade away
How will you know to follow
When the path never seems to stay?
But when I look beyond me I
See footprints in the sand,
And then I come to realise you
Were waiting to take my hand.


Thank you to everyone for commenting, it certainly makes my day. A pleasure to see everyone of you. Old and New.. Blogging not only opens up the world but gives us new friends.