Monday, 17 December 2007

A Long time ago.....

Annie and Sinterklaas...I am on his lap :-)

Click on picture to enlarge.


  1. Some things never change!
    Are you Dutch?

  2. Hi Mirre, no I am not father was in the Royal Air Force and we were stationed somewhere, can;t remember where, but I do know we lived in Gelsenkirchen, at one point..we went to Germany a few times. I also used to live in Germany in 1982 for 3 years, we used to go shopping in Venlo, Nijmegen and have had a few visits to Amsterdam. Last year we had a big reunion in Weeze just near the Dutch border for about 50 of us, with husbands wives and around about 100, it was great.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Your header is easy to fix because it is the same as mine. Welshcakes was much trickier. Just email me the size of your photo and I'll email you where to make the corrections in the template.

  4. Looking good Anne, a beautiful photo and it fits perfectly.

  5. You look quite comfortable there.

  6. Why you haven't changed a bit!

    Happy holidays :)


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