Friday, 16 November 2007

November 6th - Second Day

Woke up this morning feeling very tired, but thought no, I must get up and explore. Had breakfast in bed first though, brought to me by Arni, fagotto Farcito al cioccolato, orange juice and tea, sat looking out of our bedroom window at the most spectacular view one could imagine. After a while, got myself into motion, washed and dressed, I decided to walk down to the square, whilst Arni got himself sorted. So off I set, not really knowing where I was heading, but I found it. A very quaint place,breathtaking views, lovely little cafes, and tiny greengrocer, bakery and an Ice cream parlour…yummy.

Now I had made it down, but it was getting back up that was going to be the hard part…..and remember my way. It was a very steep descent, cutting through little passages, so the ascent was going to difficult, so I climbed up and up, but when I got to where I thought I was meant to be, oh no, I had climbed too far!!!! But I figured it out and found my way home. No this wasn’t a mountain climb or a GR walk, but it might as well of been. This was just to get your loaf….!!!!!!

After a drink (tea) Arni and I sat off in the car, to Lenno, a market was being held, it was huge, all the stalls were lined up along the lake, and in a little square, amazing, some places in England should come over here and learn a few lessons!!!. Yet again my Italian was required, I managed to buy a cooked chicken and ask “how much”...brilliant. We stopped for coffee before heading back to our town. Once back in Argegno, we stopped in the square and had a bite of lunch. After our little rest, we set off in search of the funicular that takes you to Pigra. I really was tested, I had to ask for two return tickets, which timetable to use, and the cost…yes, getting good at this!!! What a view from up here, to think that a village is built so high up. We had a walk round, not much here, but the view is what you come for!!!! And maybe a pizza at the top. The funicular is used by school children and workers who have to come down to Argegno. You can drive down, but this is the quickest, but I would say not for shoppers!!! You can also take your bike on here.

Now it is 17.30, getting dark, and I think we have packed in enough for today. My challenge tomorrow is to get Arni and I to Bellegio by ferry!!!!!


  1. Lovely pics again. Well done for exploring and trying out your Italian!

  2. Thanks WL, more pictures to come..I was brave Sally, not as brave as you though LOL

    Yes trying out my Italian was a challenge, but I tried!!!

  3. wow - that lift looks fun! What a view of the lake...maybe we'll try that out on our trip next week!


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