Thursday 15 November 2007

November 5th - We arrived in Italy

We arrived at Malpensa airport at around 13.30…the weather was not that good, little bit grey…but that didn’t put us off. After picking up our hire car, we set off on the road to Argegno. Arni was using his GPS…so my navigation skills were not required…well not all the time. We stopped at a huge shopping mall and did our grocery shopping, it was amazing, strange how shopping takes on a new meaning when visiting a European country. And Arni loves it!!!! But first of all I had to put to use my little knowledge of Italian…we needed a 2 Euro coin for the trolley. The first person I tried to ask, didn’t speak any English at all, but I managed to communicate to him my need, but he didn’t have one, so off I trotted to ask again, and yes it worked. I had my 2 Euro and we started shopping. We bought all sorts, cheeses, salamis, Salad, bread, pasta, Olives, the famous Arranci, Wine and lots more. I love trying to speak the language, so yet again I tested myself and went off to get the Olives from the counter, not pre-packed, it worked, and I was so chuffed. After spending what seemed like hours we set off once again for our destination. By the time we arrived it was getting dark, we had spent ages and ages in the supermarket, so after meeting the lady to show us around, we unpacked our car, suitcases and shopping, and settled in for the night. We were able to sit on the balcony for a few hours, drinking our wine, and eating our picnic. Amazing views, good wine and food!!!!


  1. Sounds like a great shopping trip. Great pics, too.

  2. a great start to a holiday... cannot wait to read more

  3. Thanks WL and Sally...yes a great start to hols, and love the shopping .


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