Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Season is upon us

The season is upon us once again. What season???? you are all asking yourselves. Its the circus of the Formula 1, and it all kicks off again on March 10th, when around 600 or more personnel travel to Melbourne for the 1st race which takes place on 18th March, when we all (the fans) get up at some unearthly hour - to see our teams WIN or Fail.

My husband works in Formula 1, so it is not all fun for me, as he is away for most of the year, between March and October. But when I get to a race it is brilliant. In the last five years I have been to Silverstone GP every year and in 2004 and 2006 my friends and I travelled to Magny Cour, south of Paris, for five days, two days of travel and 3 of Motor racing. It is thrilling, tense, atmospheric, I just can't describe the buzz it brings!!! We have had brilliant times and as we all support different teams, it can be quite competitive but so much fun.


  1. You make it sound very exciting....I used to love the moter bike racing was a great Barry Shene fan but then i grew up and discovered walking :-)

  2. Great photos, Anne. I'm not a sports fan in general but I can see the excitement in this. When I was a teenager and living in Bristol, I had a boyfriend who was mad about it and used to take me to Castle Coombe races. I've always wanted to go to Le Mans, too.


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