Monday, 15 May 2017

North Parade Oxford...

Until a few months ago , I never knew this
quaint little street existed.
I was so surprised.
A fabulous little street with a buzz too it.

The walk actually started in Church Walk .. Below is

The Church of St Philip and St James in Oxford is a lovely 19th-century parish church that today houses the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.
The interior is not accessible without an appointment, but the exterior is worth a look if you're in the neighbourhood.


The Latin American Centre was founded in 1965 by St. Antony's College although St Antony’s had begun to develop Latin American studies in 1959. The main aims of the Centre are to educate graduate students in a range of disciplines applied to Latin America; to promote research on Latin America; to support a research library; to bring students and academics from Latin America to the University; and to organize seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences on Latin America. 


The Produce Shop is fab , can even get coffee and cake !
Why not take a peek at their instagram page..☻


(I am not a fan, nor of Pickled Eggs)

Pickled eggs.


I know one of my blogger friends has been here ( TAURUS GALLERY!


Twice a month  on Saturdays , this parade
is bustling with people as they hold a
North Parade Market. I have yet to go.

There are a few other little shops/cafes
which I haven't taken
photos of. 

Hoping to get back for the Market one day.

Fab flower shop , not in the Parade , but not far in Banbury Road.

Banbury Road

A quick peek into the conservatory.

These displays are in their 'greenhouse'
which has seating too.

Hope you enjoy this post too .


  1. You amaze me that you are finding so many new places, You knew Oxford so well, but now you are finding out of the way places as well. Great photos, well done Anne. Take care Diane xox

    1. Good morning Diane. I amaze myself sometimes. :-) . I do think I must of exhausted Oxford and then something new pops up. Thank you for your lovely comment. Take care Anne xoxo

  2. How lovely that you found this new area to browse around. I just love all those little independent shops. Thank you for the tour 😊

    1. Glad you like the tour Diane is a quaint little parade, cannot wait to see the buzzing market , hopefully soon. x

  3. It's amazing what one can find poking around. This parade looks delightful!

    1. Thanks Jackie , yes it is . Went up there for a hairdressers and was amazed. will do the market next.


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