Wednesday, 31 May 2017

In my friend's garden ...

Today I went to see
my friend Sarah .
She shares a garden with her
mum , and her mum is a very keen gardener.
I took a few photos ..
Saw this Fig Tree before I got to Sarah's.
I have seen it every year but never when ripe!

A very colourful flower bed ...

A beautiful tree...

And this sign I saw in Sarah's Potting Shed ..
She is a Potter and teaches Pottery ..


  1. The garden is pretty and I love the quote :-0

    1. Thank you for visiting me again CherryPie. . I love the quote too.. hope you are well. X

  2. Wow what a fabulous garden. Our figs this year got zapped by a late frost so I am hoping the will recover and maybe fruit a bit late. Great photos Anne well done. Hugs Diane xox

    1. Hi Diane. .It is fab and huge. I hope your fig tree does recover and fruit later. Thanks ,, glad you like the photos. Take care too xx

  3. Gosh, what a wonderful garden - such a variety of lovely plants and flowers. It's absolutely beautiful, and your lovely photos certainly did it justice. I know from my own garden, just how much work must go into your friend's garden. Her mum has done a lovely job on it.

  4. Oh! I forgot to say, I loved the quote as well. I have so many signs around like that.


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