Friday, 20 November 2015

The Art of colouring and a postcard..

As we all know
are now
the new relaxation to relieve
I looked yesterday and the choice is amazing.
And just last week I received my first
(click on link to see a fab set)
from Singapore.
The Autumn Squirrel
Love the colours Krissa. Thank you so much. ♥

My friend Krissa had just purchased
and was doing a doing a bit of colouring in the book above
and her flatmate gave her a colouring postcard.
Krissa put her book to the side and coloured this instead.
And here it is in England ♥
Thank you.


  1. I saw all the adult colouring books when I was over there. I can see that it must be very therapeutic. Love the squirrel! x

  2. Lovely post card - I'd like to try this "adult colouring" because I remember when my girls were little and we'd go to the cabin at the lake, we each had our own (mine was probably Cinderella). It was so soothing to sit and listen to the waves lap at the shore and the birds singing and the occasional motor boat sweeping along with a skier. Wonderful memories.

  3. I just noticed the little wire hearts holding the cards. We have one of those that we keep good memories in. I sorted ours out yesterday because it was full (Lucky us!) and I needed to make room for more memories.

  4. Interesting postcard and so different from the normal. I love this little squirrel and the colours are perfect. I really do want to get back to painting but so little time!!!!!! Take care and look after yourself Diane xox

  5. Hi Anne,
    I hope that you are having a good day in Oxford.
    I have a coloring book. But, I have not picked it up in months! That is a great idea to use colourable postcards.
    Bravo to Krissa!

  6. that squirrel is coloured quite nicely. I have a coloring book and they are fun.

  7. I can see the attraction but I do not have the patience and would rather curl up with a book anyway! Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas season. I look forward to continuing to enjoy your blog in 2016.


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