Sunday, 27 September 2015

Have you ever tried Luging?

Not this type of Luging though..
Before our holiday Jacob, Gillie's youngest son,  was telling me all about
the Luge..

(A one- or two-person sled for coasting or racing down a slide , used especially in Europe) 

 He really wanted me to have a go, so I risked it all!!
I was very apprehensive about going down on a sled from a height
and me in control .   Also had to go up in a Bubble lift.
I am not a lover of lifts at the best of times.
I put all my fears to the side.

You start off here , climbing into your Bubble lift to take you 800 metres up ..

When you reach the top, you grab your sled and position it at the start of the metal slide
and then you are off !!!

You control it with a gear stick - Forward for fast and back to slow down or Stop..

I wasn't fast but I wasn't slow ,, I actually had FUN!!

 You cannot get off half way through , once on you are committed.
Here is the proof ..Yeah I did it.

To give you a better idea of how it is ,
I found a little video on YouTube..

Hope you watch it.!!

Then you will see what I braved.

The person on the Luge is in the fast lane, I was
in the lane to the right. For beginners and slow people.

It was GREAT!!!


  1. Well done, quite an achievement. What happens though if the guy behind you is fast!!!!! It look like you are being caught up. Keep well Diane xox

  2. OMG! I want to do that! Where did you do it?

  3. That looks so much fun, I hope I'd have the nerve to do it. I'm surprised that they don't space out the riders more than they do- the fellow on the video caught up to someone, and there looks to be a few people coming down with you. What a lovely place it is.

  4. Oh my goodness Anne, how brave were you ?! That does look like great fun. Not sure that I would have the nerve though. You did well and should be proud of yourself!

  5. This looks like so much fun. PS did you get the postcard from Slovenia?


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