Tuesday 11 August 2015

Ooops Forgot this lovely postcard ....

from my lovely friends
Diane and Nigel.
Sorry it slipped my blog ... ♥
Diane and Nigel
have been doing a bit of travelling
this year , which is fabulous.
 So wonderful to just get in the car and drive to these fabulous places.
 Hello from the Bay of d'Arcachon
The Bay of Arcachon is  a bay of 1500 hectares fed both by the ocean and a large number of waterways, producing an inland sea with the colours of a lagoon, bordered on one side by a blond crown of fine sand culminating at 104 metres: the Dune du Pilat. From its summit you can also see the beautiful Landes forest.
The town of Arcachon is only 150 years old. Not long before 2 May 1857, when Emperor Napoleon III signed its official "birth certificate", it was just a forest of pine trees, oaks and strawberry trees  with no road links.  Home - mostly when the weather was expected to be warm, and more in wood huts than in real houses - to fewer than 400 people, mostly fishermen and peasants. In earlier years, when some hygienists began to recommend sea bathing, three sea establishments were laid out by some entrepreneurs especially for the Bordeaux bourgeoisie and other wealthy people. This was the beginning of a new lifestyle, and some of the locals got the opportunity to claim their independence from La Teste-de-Buch, which owned their properties, in order to found a "free" new town, Arcachon
Certainly seems like a very interesting place to visit.
Big Thank you Diane and Nigel ..
My collection is certainly growing and with lots of FIRSTS!!!!
Dreaming of France , you might want to put this place on your list ♥

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  1. We actually stayed just in the next town of Biscarrosse which is on a lake, but we went to Arcachon a couple of times. We just caught the end of the 'out of season', the following week, and even the weekend we left I suspect there was no room to move for the crowds. Thanks goodness we can get away before or after the school holidays :-) I missed the lack of history in that part of France though. Keep well Diane xox

    1. Forgot to add, we climbed the largest sand dune in Europe while there :-)) Hard going on my feet let alone N's.xox

  2. Anne, You get the most interesting post cards, which is why your list of places to visit never shrinks. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France.


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