Thursday, 5 March 2015

My collection just keeps growing .......

A big thank you to
Jackie (and John)
 who are  on an
amazing trip.
" December 2014 we drove to Las Vegas and stayed until December 28 2015. We then headed to LAX for a flight to Singapore. From there we will go to Bangkok and then to Cambodia where we will take a Mekong River Cruise and on February 25 we will head to Australia and New Zealand for 33 days" .
Quote taken from Jackie's blog.
I have 3 fab postcards to show you .....
Panoramic Landscape of Singapore...
How wonderful it looks. Maybe one day I will visit.
 Not many of you know that I used to live in Singapore
when I was a child.  We went there for 3 years when my dad was in the Royal Air Force..
I know it would of changed immensely.
Jackie describes it as "Cosmopolitan , Vibrant and fun .. But so EXPENSIVE!!
I would love to do the Formula 1 Grand Prix trip . It would be amazing as it is a Night race.!!
Greetings from Thailand ...
"This has to be the most amazing place to visit says Jackie"
Wehart Chamrun Residential Hall,
Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya.
I cannot tell you  much about this place 
but I did find a very interesting snippet.
The Death of Queen Sunanda In 1881, Queen Sunanda Kumariratana and her only daughter Princess Karnabhorn Bejraratana were on their way to the Bang Pa-In Palace when the royal barge carrying them capsized. According to Thai law at the time, touching a royal was punishable by death, so onlookers looked on helplessly as they drowned - and were instructed to do so by a guardian on another boat. King Chulalongkorn, shocked by the events, demoted and jailed the vizier who obeyed the letter of the law at such cost and erected a memorial to her in Bang Pa-In.
(Taken from the site Bang Pa-In travel guide)
And then the amazing,
 colourful and interesting scenes from the

 Please go and have a read of Jackie's blog and catch up with her trips.
I can guarantee you will be reading for a while !
They are in Australia now !!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Fabulous selection of cards to add to your collection. We have been to Singapore twice, but yes it is not cheap! Never been to Vietnam but yes have been to Australia. The only part of Thailand we have been to is Phuket and it was the best holiday we have ever had. Keep well and warm, the weather is about to warm up for a bit. Diane xox

  2. The markets on the last postcards draw my attention!

  3. How fun, The markets in Vietnam are amazing-something completely different.

  4. What a kind friend.

    We are hoping to visit Younger Son and Nuora in Malaysia in autumn and include a trip to Cambodia at the same time. It sounds very adventurous for us!

  5. oh wow Anne, I didn't know you lived in Singapore as a child! That's cool.
    The second postcard is my favorite.

  6. Singapore yet another place I dream of visiting someday. :)

  7. Yes, you certainly have a varied collection!


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