Saturday, 29 November 2014

Still in France - Chateau du Puyguilhem...

is the Chateau we were looking for ..
so after visiting ..
we found it..!!


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Built in the 16th century (on the site of an earlier castle) Puyguilhem is a fine Renaissance castle, and is more typical in style of the castles in the Loire Valley than the Dordogne region .

The round tower that dominates the left side of the front is influenced by earlier medieval defensive castles.

 Unfortunately  the lake that was once stretched out in front to the Chateau has disappeared,


And who knows what this is??
It is a bed warmer!! I have linked it so you
can read more.  There is even a photo on this
page of this actual bed warmer ,
 of course taken at the Chateau.

Have you ever seen a tapestry like this ??
18th Century and with such fine detail.
Very beautiful cabinet

Very unusual chair! To sit on it you had to put your legs through
the back of the chair facing the other way !!

 Fabulous artwork , all the hard work of the carving.

Of course there is a lot more history than I can tell you ,
but if you are ever in the area , do go and visit.



  1. Fabulous Photos Anne of what was a really interesting château. You have done well with this post. Have a good Sunday and I hope you are feeling better. Diane xox

  2. Wow, beautiful! Thank you for capturing all these amazing details and sharing them with us! I love to focus on details as well, it just gives you a better feeling for the space; and when visiting something this old, there is so much to look at! Gorgeous.

  3. This looks like a really interesting place to visit. I have never seen a bed warmer like that before although I have seen one of those triangular chairs.

  4. Stunning photo's Anne, what a beautiful Chateau, I would love to visit it.
    I particularly like the tapestry and the chair also the cornices.

    love di x

  5. What a terrific adventure. Funny how so much of the castle has intricate detail and other parts seem almost primitive. Nice photos.

  6. What must it have been like to live somewhere like that!

    In case I don't get by again, have a wonderful Christmas, Anne, although I'll probably see you on facebook!

  7. Love the detail in your photos. Merry Xmas, Anne. xx


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