Tuesday 10 June 2014

Little trip to France - Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure


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After my fabulous sleep in my
wonderful bedroom with
Shutters (they are amazing)
and breakfast, we set off
to see their market.
This one I believe was their Monthly
Live Animal market and they have two
smaller ones a week.
Of course it took over the whole town but was not just
animals, it has allsorts ..
So French !!
Cannot resist an Oyster or two!!

Some people like these , obviously a demand for them :-)
We had one left in our garden by previous owner.

Every man will have one of these in his pocket ! I know my hubby has one.
(maybe I should include women too, who knows) 

Beautiful mural on the end of the wall of a Florists.

Special carvings seen around the area ,  designed by a team of wood carvers
who come over from Canada.  The carvers work with chain saws, chisels and at the end
they sand everything smooth by hand.

 I have tried to find more information
and each time I google I come across this blog ..  yep it is Diane's.
Diane has a more in depth post about the carvings.  I know she won't mind
me linking and sharing.

And of course
The Shutters. You will see these a lot in my posts.

Just a little post today .. more to come.
Hope you enjoy .
Are you dreaming of France ?
Why not go to 
and share your stories, your books or your dreams.
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  1. Oh yes, Anne! I'm dreaming of France and sleeping on a lovely soft bed behind those shutters! *sigh* One day...

    1. Hi Leslie , I am sure you will get back one day ... xx

  2. I share your love of shutters!

    1. Love them Jacqueline. I need them at home. Best thing ever.

  3. looks enchanting - apart from the live chicks in the market!

    1. Sorry Welshcakes about the live chicks,, yes a very enchanting place , xx

  4. I am so enjoying reading the posts about your Charente trip, keep them coming Anne. :)

  5. Yes we are dreaming of France, perhaps a cherry festival in Alsace next year but who knows? My husband and I gorged on oysters when we were in Bretagne, so it was wonderful to see that you also had some on your trip!

  6. Oh Lord, those French markets....!!

  7. Hi Anne,
    Great Photography job with this market.
    That´s right, experiment with low or high angles and do get "tipsy" with your camera :).
    I love it!!

  8. Sitting in Porto try in to catch up quickly before dinner. Great photos, you have done well. Take care Diane. xox


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