Tuesday 6 May 2014

A cute card from France ..

Thank you to my lovely friend Brigitte ..
She saw this and thought of me and
sent a little bit of France to me ♥

I ♥ the huge selection of postcards that I saw in Paris,
wish we had more of a variety like these not just
pictures of scenes. 

Thank you Brigitte , it is so cute. ♥


  1. What a cute card -- and helpful too.

  2. Very helpful Paulita , but then I just love cards and this one is very cute. They do amazing cards over there , not seen any like this in the UK ,, these would be great for the children .

  3. Really hard to find nice postcards here as well.

  4. What a fun postcard, very cute indeed :-)

  5. I'm delighted to say that I could read and understand all of that Anne...It's been a while since I have been to France but I am determined to go there again. I think one of our girls may come along with us for a holiday, too much stress for Ian getting through the airports etc, handling luggage and moi in wheel chair is quite a challenge...Oops sounds like a moan but just trying to be realistic... another winner Anne love di..xx

  6. What a great card, I have never seen one like that here! You can see where you are coming to in a couple of weeks, I see 16 Charente standing out there in the West of France :-) Take care Diane :-) xox

  7. Just wrote a comment and it vanished!! Love this card but have never seen one like that here. You can see where you will be in a couple of weeks time as 16 Charente stands out in Western France. Take care Diane xox


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