Monday 17 March 2014

Two wonderful postcards from California ...

Huge thanks   to
Jackie of
 who is still on her
fantastic trip .
I have been so lucky
that she has sent me  super cards
from lots of places..
This time we are in California .
This is  one of
 It was founded on All Saints' Day November 1, 1776, by Spanish Catholics of the Franciscan Order. It  is  home to the oldest building in California still in use, a chapel built in 1782.

The Great Stone Church had bells hung in the tower and when the church collapsed in a massive earthquake in 1812, the four original bells survived and were hung in a bell wall the following year. The two largest bells were cast in 1796, the others in 1804.

In 2000 the bells were removed from the bell wall and used for molds to make copies. They were saved after the copies were made, then  placed in their current location in 2004. The two large bells on display within the Great Stone Church are now the original bells. The large bells in the bell wall are copies.

The view of the Botanical Building with the Lily Pond in the foreground is one of the most photographed scenes in Balboa Park and a "must-see" destination in San Diego.
Built for the 1915-16 Exposition, this historic building is one of the largest lath structures in the world.
Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre urban cultural park in San Diego, California. As well as open space areas, natural vegetation zones, green belts, gardens and walking paths, it contains museums, several theaters, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo
Jackie's blog has special themed day posts ..
.Monday Murals, Time Travel Thursdays and
Weekend Reflections just to name a few
and of course her fascinating travel stories ...
You will certainly find something of interest and a great read .
Big thank you to you Jackie


  1. How wonderful and gorgeous are those cards! I remember when I was child, our parents took us to California and I remember San Juan Capistrano - I thought the name and its story sounded so romantic!

    1. Hi Leslie, How great that you have been there too ,, A very romantic story indeed .. :-) Aren't the cards fabulous ? ♥

  2. You're very welcome!! More to come!

    1. All my friends are fascinated with your cards and hopefully they have gone over to your blog and read about your trips .. huge thank you.

  3. Hi Anne. How super that Jackie is sending you these lovely postcards from far flung places. You collection just grows and grows! l have never been to America, but I have become very good friends with a lady who lives in Wisconcin, and I am seriously thinking of visiting her next year! So you might be getting a postcard from there :)

    1. Hi Diane , you are right , it just keeps growing , another one to put up soon , They do go to great places. I have never been to America either , not really had the pull for me , but If one of my friends were to invite me I would go , just to meet them too. :-)

  4. How lovely that Jackie sends you such fab postcards.... I'm afraid we're going to be samey and have booked a trip to Anglesey in June , but staying at different place. You will be impressed when you see the pics !
    When I can successfully learn how to publish them...much love Di..xx

    1. Hi Trubes ALL your cards are just as wonderful ,, cannot wait to see where you are going to be next. I am sure you will get the hang of publishing your photos too, love Anne x

    2. I've just started work on my next ABC Wednesday and have managed to publish a picture, still can't get the draft to paragraph when I publish it, yet the punctuation is fine .....
      My life has always been a challenge!
      If you see the instruction we've up loaded for the new will understand how challenged I am!
      I must have it up and running before we go on holiday so I can show off my photography skills (in my dreams)..
      ha ha ! lol Di..xx

    3. You will love where we are staying on Anglesey, totally different, in the heart of the beautiful countryside,,
      ,I'll say no more...
      I am currently working on my next post for ABC and have managed to get a picture up...Yaaaay !
      The current ABC post has come up fine yet it's not paragraphing...If you have time pop over and take a look, you'll know what I mean, yet another challenge, my life is full of them! Just loaded the software for the new camera, one needs an 'ology' to understand it.... I will not be

  5. Fantastic and interesting info. Take care Diane xox

    1. Hi Diane Glad your like all the info . It is just as interesting for me finding out as it is for you , the readers .. its great to find out all about these places , you never know , someone might just need it one day . take Care xoxo


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