Monday, 24 February 2014

Another fabulous postcard - This time Laos ..

My lovely friend Nicki went to
Laos which is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia,
bordered by Burma and China to the northwest,
Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west.

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 Nicki's blog is Figs and Lemons ,
which is  mainly about  the fabulous place where she lives.
If you have not seen her blog , go on have a look!!
 YOU will also be able to see and read  more about not only about this great trip 
but others that she has been on  and life around her.
The Monks of Laos taking a break , obviously something has caught their eye!!
The robes they wear are known as "The Saffron Robes" because the  original monks made their robes from discarded cloth found in rubbish heaps and on cremation grounds and after washing, the robe cloth was boiled with vegetable matter -- leaves, roots and flowers -- and often spices, which would turn the cloth some shade of orange.
Hence the name, "saffron robe."
 Monks today wear robes made of cloth that is donated or purchased, but in Southeast Asia the cloth usually is still dyed in spice colors.


I cannot thank you ALL  enough for adding to my now huge collection , I must
find out how many I have and let you know.


  1. Yay! I am so glad it arrived, and quickly too...the Laos people have a better postal system than the Italians!

  2. They probably have a better postal system than Canada, too. We are losing our door-to-door delivery and will soon have to find our way to a neighbourhood postal box. People are outraged about this!

    Love the postcard and the colour of the robes is splendid!

    1. Oh my word. That is wrong .so you will have a PO box number? What is the sense in this and people lose their jobs too.. I cannot imagine it stopping here. We would be outraged too. The colours are fabulous,sure brightens every thing.

  3. A great postcard and I enjoyed the information about the robes.

    1. Hello Cherrypie...thanks for calling over. Lovely postcard ..I always try to add some info of interest ..somethings we just don t think about, how it came about. Glad you enjoyed this post.

  4. Terrific post card and from so far away.

  5. I have been following Nicki's travels with interest as Laos is high on my list, loving Asia as I do. Yes it would be lovely to know how many postcards you now have Anne.

  6. That is great. You will soon have seen the whole world by Post Card :-) How many countries have you got cards from now? Keep warm and well Diane xox


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