Monday, 6 January 2014

Postcards Galore and First Post for 2014

Postcards started arriving just before Christmas
with huge thanks to Jackie  a new blogger friend.
Jackie's blog is Junk Boat Travels and  we started
following each others blog a little while ago and then on FB.
Her  and her husband are really big travellers , and she offered
to send me a postcard or two. Which I think is fab of her.
They are on a trip in the USA and Mexico .. (a road trip) .. I think
you should go and read her blog , which is amazing. She blogs about
travel , books and she does other things too, like different ideas for the
days of the week .. Blue Mondays , Sepia Saturdays and inSPIREd Sundays.
So we are going to start off with this postcard ,,
From the Edison Ford Achives , dated ca. 1930
This is a postcard of Mina Edison under the arbour at the foot of the pier
at her Winter estate in Fort Myers , Florida . The pier was destroyed but historical records
revealed it stretched nearly a third of a mile into the

Then we move on to San Antonio, Texas 
Love this card!
Jackie picked this up as they crossed the Continental Divide in New Mexico ..
We made this mean Chilli Con Carne the other day. Not sure about
making a Chili Con Queso though.
.(adding Canned Cheese Sauce with Jalapeno Peppers!!)
And then the bright historic  lights of Las Vegas ..
Jackie's favourite part is the oldest area of the town , full of the
neon lights. She  loves the Neon Boneyard Museum too!!
A very colourful and interesting start to the New Year, and  my collection
just keeps growing ..
Hope you have a read of her blog , you will not be disappointed.
Have a look HERE!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. What a colourful (ans tasty) set of cards. The collection keeps growing. Have a good week Diane

  2. Wow, what a super selection of postcards that Jackie sent you, whilst on her travels. I love them all, but number 1 is my favourite. It's so atmospheric. Hope you're managing to keep dry up there Anne. The storms are still beating the coastlines down here, with waves of up to 30 feet high. :(

  3. I'm so pleased you enjoyed these post cards. Expect more from hermoso Mexico!!!

  4. Terrific post cards and I agree that Jackie's blog is a lot of fun.

  5. I love that black and white postcard on top Anne!


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