Wednesday, 11 December 2013

More wonderful sights in Paris with Linda ..

So much to see and so much to do..
Linda and I had a great time, eyes left and right,
up and down ..
No matter how many times you go to Paris,
if you meet up with someone who lives
there and walk around, you will definitely see
Paris through different eyes ♥
 A BIG thank you to Linda of Frenchless in France
for meeting up with me (at last) . We have been trying
to meet up  each time I have visited but timings
didn't match up.
Linda has a super blog , please go over and say HI,
you will not be disappointed. ♥
Linda and I stopped to look a the menu (below)
the ladies seated in the window , said it was tasty .
One day I might go there.
The list just gets bigger and bigger!!

Sorry not the best of photos , you can just see the murals high up!!

Anyone for Tea??


A beautiful place to end our meet up ..

A big heartfelt THANK YOU ♥
More to come as my day did not end there!!


  1. Lovely photos as always well done Anne. I like that fork over the restaurant door, what fun. It was great to see you again. Keep well Diane xox

  2. Hello Anne,
    we'll always have Paris as they say ! Any pâtisseries this time ? :-) XO

  3. Hi Anne. I did leave a comment last evening, and then it disappeared, and I was too tired to do it again! You always come up with such interesting photos of Paris. I love seeing them. When Emma first moved to France (ten years ago), whenever I used to stay, we used to go on these guided walks of the parts of Paris that you don't usually get to see. I loved doing that! Enjoy your weekend up there in Oxfordshire.

  4. each post makes me go there more and more:)


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