Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Birthday ...

What a day it has been ...
Big thank you to everyone for their
birthday wishes ♥

Cards and pictures made by Olivia (and from Amelia) ♥

We love you Nanny mug with fun photos - Olivia and Amelia.

Lovely heart from Aidan ..♥

and the postcard from Cupar :-) Aidan is from there.

A lovely plate painted and decorated by Lily (from Thomas too)

Café and croissant with Sarah ♥

Beautiful angel from Sarah

and the dragonfly 

Beautiful cards from everyone .

and scarf ♥

and the surprise relaxing pj bottoms
from my bruv!! and on time LOL
(look the Eiffel Tower)!!

and I had my great super trip to Monaco
and off to Paris soon ..thoroughly spoilt.
(Euros from my eldest son and wife too and money towards my next trip)
BIG BIG Thank you to all. ♥♥♥


  1. And don't forget about your E-cards! lol Sounds like a heavenly birthday - wish I had some of those pj pants!

    1. HI Leslie , sorry I forgot to mention your lovely e-card, did leave a message for you on FB,, it was brilliant and yeah what fab pj's with the Eiffel tower , a complete surprise LOl x

  2. What thoughtful gifts. Your family must know you pretty well. Happy Birthday.

    1. Hi Paulita, My family do know me pretty well now LOL ,, I also got Euros for my next trip LOL , off to Paris in a few weeks,, my lovely friend Sarah knows me SO well too x

  3. Belated happy birthday Anne, and many, many happy returns of the day. Sorry to be late, but I've been on vacation in France and am catching up on my blog reading now! Glad you had a fun day! Martine

    1. Hi Martine, thank you .. I know exactly how you feel , takes ages to catch up. I have left you a comment on your blog :-)

  4. Wow! It sounds like you had a relaxing birthday, filled with love! My favorite kind :-)

    Those pj bottoms are AWESOME :-)

    1. Hi Elisa , it was exactly that, fun, relaxing and filled with love ♥♥

      Yeah aren't they just great , my bruv got it right!!!

  5. It's been a busy week and I'm just catching up.

    A belated happy birthday to the birthday girl. I'm looking forward to more holiday pics.

  6. Hope you got my birthday wishes, I sent them on FB but I am never sure what works there and what doesn't!!! Wow, off to Paris now you really are gadding about :-) Keep well and take care Diane oxox

  7. Hi Anne,
    You were indeed spoilt rotten! But, that is the best of birthdays.
    Be grateful for the love many times over.


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