Au revoir ,,, taking a little trip ....

with my lovely friend Linda.

We are going where hopefully there
will be some sun ....

We know there will be lots of action
lots to see , and lots of noise ..

Will be back in a weeks time, so in the meantime
I hope you all have a great week ,, let's hope the
sun shines for us all ....


  1. Hey! Don't leave us hanging! Where are you going? I'm green with envy...

  2. I'm guessing Italy. Hope the weather is beautiful. It's very warm here in Ohio if you want to come here.

    1. Not Italy ,,but very very close :-) ..I hope that it is not too hot for you, , I would love to visit :-)

  3. Lets put it this way Leslie, you might use ear defenders , where I am going,, cars and people :-):-)

  4. Amen to that!

    We go as you return. Have a wonderful time.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Sally , Much more than just racing :-) .. new experiences , new places to see and we have a couple of free excursions too :-)

  6. Have a great time Anne & Linda! Lovely to have a little break like that. Seems ages since I've had one.

  7. no sun here til Friday!

  8. Enjoy it all Anne ! I hope you will have plenty of sunshine and excitement :-) And carefully...hum..just in case, you feel like trying on those cars !

  9. Looking forward to the photos!


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