Friday, 26 April 2013

Une pensee de Paris ....

You come home after  shopping or
doing something not that exciting
 open your front door
look down on the mat
to see if there is any post ...
there is!!
I had an envelope from France ..
and inside was a beautiful postcard
from my lovely friend Barbara ..
she was in the Montparnasse area , where
we have been together,, saw the card and
thought .."I know Anne will love it"
How very thoughtful ♥
Thank you so much Mon Ami...
A fait ma journée.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lovely to get a postcard ..♥

This time from
(somewhere else I have not been)
Below in the photo , the domed building is the
El Capitolio or National Capitol
which was
commissioned by dictator Gerardo Machado,
The building was modelled after the US Capital building in
Washington DC and the Pantheon in Paris.
It was completed in  three years from 1926 to 1929,
though work on the intricate interior features continued for nearly a decade.

My long time friend Marilyn and her husband
had a quick trip .. to get some SUN!!!
Hope she enjoyed her Mojitos .. Who doesn't :-)
bless her she remembered me.
A big thank you to Marilyn for the lovely surprise postcards, I actually
never know when or where she is going , so it is wonderful , as she
does go to far flung places ..
I cannot wait to see what comes through my letter box next !!

Monday, 22 April 2013

New cooking dish .....

Not my normal post
but I waited ages for this new pan/pot
and love it!!
and in the colour I have always wanted !!
Tonight I cooked a simple Chicken dish ....
so great for one pot cooking.
Chicken, Red Onions, Potatoes, Herbs and all cooked in Wine
45-50 mins in the oven.
I served mine with steamed Savoy Cabbage ... and it
was delicious!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Aston Pottery - Oxfordshire ...

If you would like an afternoon out
and maybe lunch too or just
a coffee and cake ,
then you could visit
My great friend Sarah and I
visited last year ..(forgot I had all these photos)
we had lunch and cake !!
(sorry not real cakes)
There is so much to look at ..
(I would recommend not going with children)
more of a girly afternoon!!

Obviously I would not buy pottery here , as I would paint it myself !!!

They have an amazing array of gifts ,, very very tempting!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ceramic Painting .....

Every now and then,
I help my friend Sarah,
in her Ceramic shop
and I get a chance to do some painting.
I like to make up designs,  I have an image in my
head, and just go for it and sometimes
I see a design in a magazine and just adapt it,
but keeping the colours the same if I can.
In the last two weeks I have painted two

(this one was just a play with colours
I saw a picture in a magazine )

(The children will love this one :-)
It does look good in real life!
small side plates ..

This one was hand drawn with paint straight on and then painted.
I have white plates normally but these will get used,
I intend to paint a few more !!