Saturday, 30 March 2013

Epic road trip to Scotland

and back
in less than 48 hours !!!

Some of you may not know
that my eldest son , Jonathan
has a son named Aidan age 9,
who lives with his mum in
Cupar Fife.

Aidan wanted to come down
to England to spend Easter with his dad,
Claire and his sisters Olivia and Amelia (who he
had not seen) ... but he also wanted his dad
to go and see where he lives ..(they live  in a different
house now) .. SO I said I would accompany my
son on the journey up there !!!!!!

I must be mad ....don't answer that ;-)

So we set off on Thursday at
10.30 am ,, arrived in St Andrews ,Fife
at around 6.30 pm....

It was not a very eventful journey,
(only the nightmare traffic on M6,)
There we were crusing along nicely on the M74 
when all of a sudden  the SAT NAV.. 
decided it wanted to take 
us  off our route ,
up into the highlands ,

Please click on photos to enlarge..
it took us to a place called Moffat
then through some tiny villages
this is the Edinburgh SCENIC route,
as much as I love scenery , it was a bit bleak up there
and so many windy roads.

Scenic routes are quite  nice, but not when you want
to get somewhere in a hurryy!!!
As you can imagine, Jonathan wondered what was going on !!

We stayed overnight in The West Port, which I can
say I would stay again, it was fab.

Up at 06.45 am, breakfast at 07.00 am
(amazing breakfast) ... picked Aidan up
at 8.00am , left Cupar at 08.30am
and on the road again!!

Please click on photos to enlarge

 These photos were taken on the way back ... can you see all the Wind Turbines!!

There are so many of them , in the snowy hills.

Photo in centre below is the Forth Road Bridge
and below it is the
Forth Bridge for the Trains.

The M6 was horrendous...(Birmingham area)
and finally made it back to my house at around 16.30pm..
and I think they got home to Winchester at 17.15pm.

 All in all , a good trip , even though it was
very tiring . 

But as my grandson said "Nanny , how can
you be tired, all you did was sit there, Daddy did the driving!!"

(Note to myself... change the date and time on my camera,, they were
taken on Thursday and friday ..promise!!)


  1. Hi Anne. That was indeed an epic trip to Scotland! I bet your son was glad of your company though ! Gorgeous photos you took on the way , but I agree, you don't really want a scenic route when you just want to get to your destination. Happy Easter to you x

    1. Thank you Diane ... I am glad you like the photos, bit hard when in a car :-) .. Yes Jonathan was very happy that I was with him, he would not of done it on his own .. and I was in charge of the coffee and picnic :-) happy Easter xox

  2. Wonderful pics. I'm sure your son really appreciated your company on such a long journey. It's not often we get to spend such lengths of time with our children and in your case grandchildren. make the lost of it...

  3. Typo gremlin again. It should read 'make the most of it'!!

  4. So thoughtful, Anne! What a nice way to share some Easter joy and thanks for sharing some of it with us via your photos!

  5. Lots of snow on them thar hills, g'friend! Looks very cold! I'm so glad we have spring here finally, but I'd sure love to go back to Scotland one day.

  6. Wow Anne, what an epic road trip. Glad to hear you got there and back safely. You've taken some gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing them.

  7. At least you can say you've been through Scotland! We're hoping to visit in May, I've never been further than teh Lake District!

  8. Great pics. Ha ha your grandson Aiden on why should you be tired. lol very cute. Happy blessed Easter


  9. I hope you told him, 'it's very tiring just sitting there!'

    What a journey! Nice to spend time with your son though.

  10. The scenery is gorgeous, but I understand the urge to get there and get home. I have no concept of how faraway Scotland is from your home.

  11. I love any road trip that includes the word " Scotland " in the journey. Well done you for going along even though a quick trip like that is usually less fun. I do love long car rides with my daughter. It's the best time for having good talks. It's too bad your grandson lives so far away. That must be difficult for everyone.

    Thanks for posting so many photos.

  12. That is one long road trip!! But it allowed you to get some fantastic photos along the way :-)

  13. We did almost the same journey from cambridge to Irvine a day after you luckily no road problems for us ! and we had a nice 2 day stay with Old RAF friends before returning home :-) we did see all those wind turbines too x

  14. Love it "road trips" love those too! Great scenic pics, my favs!

  15. You have to love children and what comes out of their minds. Lovely photos and glad you did it safely.


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