Sunday, 16 December 2012

September and an afternoon at Williams F1 Conference Centre..

With my friend Linda.

Entering the factory grounds, I came across a new Topiary, which
won  a Gold Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower show.

Below is the Topiary outside the Williams F1 Conference Centre..

An Italian nursery made the model for Ferrari but Williams bought it,
changed the shape of car to reflect their own car design.

It took two and half years for the plants to weave around the metal frames.
The 11 ft car is made from six plants and each 6ft high mechanic is made from two.

Twice a year,
staff at Williams get the chance
to watch the race in
Williams F1 Conference Centre,
with Breakfast or Lunch,
and tour of the museum.

And as my husband is on the team and always
at the races ,
he gets tickets that I can use, without
him being there!!

My friend Linda, works there, just as
I used to , (well I am still on the books,) so
we have seen the museum and the Technology
and Trophy rooms , quite a few times.
But it is still a treat to go as a guest, rather
than being a hostess!!

and us in the simulator!!!

This year was Sir Frank Williams 70th Birthday ..

and this was an amazing card given to him ..

I couldn't get it all in ... :-(

I do have lots more photos , I might put them up, but
this is about two friends having fun :-)

Thanks to my hubby.:-)


  1. What a great place - where is it? You'll have to take me (us) there next visit!

  2. I see you aren't the only one with a passion for racing. Great photos. Come play along with my Dreaming of France meme. I know you have lots of photos from France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. What a fantastic day out. The softer side of high tech. Lucky you!
    Great topiary.
    Happy Christmas, hope your husband is at home to share it with you.

  4. Mmmmmmm so jealous................ Diane

  5. What a lovely day out with your friend. It certainly looks very interesting, and I love that topiary car!

  6. fascinating to see the museum, will share this with my husband as he enjoys the Grand Prix. The topiary is impressive.


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