Saturday 24 November 2012

Postcards keep coming .. thank you so much Diane

My wonderful friend

sent me a card
Cognac et Pineau BALLUET

the photo above is the postcard in my
heart postcard holder.. with my little french heart.

located in


in the department Charante-Maritime

where Diane and her husband live.

One day I will get there to try the local
Cognac and Pineau :-)

Diane has three blogs ...
PhotoDiary ,  My life in Charante
and My Life Before Charante

All are amazing . if you have not read them before,
go and have a read .. she has written so much about the
area and photos are fab too!

Big Thank you Diane :-)


  1. Hi Anne glad you enjoyed the PC, and yes I hope that it will not be too distant before you get to try out the local booze :-) hic. You forget I have My life before the Charente as well. Just going to update today's diary. Keep well. Diane oxox

  2. Ooooops yes I did forget ... I will update post now ... Oh I will enjoy it when I come over , for sure. Take care and keep warm xoxo

  3. Hi Anne. Gosh, I find it hard enough to keep ONE blog going - I don't know how Diane manages all hers! I am so sorry that I didn't send you a postcard from Gran Canaria! I didn't send any at all because, honestly, because of the horrendous weather, buying postcards was the last thing on my mind! Next time I promise!

  4. Lucky you. I know how much you like postcards :-)

  5. Hi Anne,
    The posycards keep on arriving to the Warnage P.O. for you :).
    The mail carrier must be amused each time!

    Maybe one day you will visit the "cave" to see how they make Cognac. I haven't been here but have seen a cellar in the Champagne region. I enjoy learning the how & why of products.

    Big hugs.

  6. Gosh, I can’t even remember the last time I sent (or was sent a postcard)! Diane is obviously one industrious lady as I have a hard time keeping up with one blog! I have bookmarked these to check out with a leisurely cup of coffee later. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


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