Wednesday 1 August 2012

Homemade Tortellini …

I am lucky enough to have

a son, who is a

top chef in the

Royal Air Force 

and the other day at work

they made this for dinner .


filled with

Goats Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes..


It was so delicious.

I would like to blog about him more, but he

doesn’t like it.

One day I will get a photo of him,

with all of his medals!!


  1. OMG! I absolutely LOVE goat cheese and sundried tomatoes in anything!

  2. Just take the photo! He can't be mad at you forever.
    p.s. Thanks, I'm now starving!

  3. How delicious it looks even from here. How very prestigious your son's work sounds. Thanks for sharing...always.

  4. I can see that you're very proud of your son, Anne, and rightly so! That meal looks delicious. I just adore goats cheese, and combined with sundried tomatoes, I can imagine that the taste was sublime!!

  5. Now that's the sort of son you need!

  6. Oh wow that looks good. I have a pasta machine, time I got it out of the cupboard, I love tortellini :) Stay well Diane xx

  7. Delicious.
    Like you I am also blessed with two sons. We are lucky, aren´t we :-)

  8. Yummy Anne. You are blessed to have such a talented son, no wonder you are proud of his achievements and want to share them with us :-)


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