Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It arrived !!! Thank you Sally ...

Yesterday a postcard came through my letter
box from

Antalya Turkey

from my great  friend Sally in Norfolk..

read all about her fabulous walking trip here!!

A super read and you will see all her recipes too!!

Today a postcard came from

Maine USA

sent to me by my cousin from Italy.

Both postcards were a surprise !!

Big Thank you to Sally and my cousin.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fab Four ........

Not 1, 2 or even 3 ... but 4 Fab postcards from my blogger
friends who have been away..

The first one is from Abbey .. who sent me a card from

Macarella in Menorca .....

beautiful clear seas and sunshine ....that is what I need!!

Abbey has a wonderful blog , Happy Frog and I, which is
full of interesting posts,
a joy to read, so I hope any new readers go over and
have a good read. I love her blog.

Linda sent me a surprise postcard from Hong Kong,
where they(Linda and husband) spent a fab holiday their daughter.

Linda moved to Italy with her husband in 2004, as
an adventure (and empty nesters!!), I am sure they made the right choice,
and they live in such a beautiful area.

Her blog is full of adventures and photos of life in Italy
and of course other trips they have been on!!!

The "Star" Ferry - Victoria Harbour - Hong Kong

The city all lit up!

My friend Jennifer LOVES Ireland
and LIVES in PARIS!!!

She went on a tour for 10 days,
ended her trip in Dublin, had fun
and meeting of family too.

Jennifer used to blog, I hope this
trip can entice her back, we would
all love to see more photos...
Wouldn't we!!

I know her job does keep her VERY busy.
A very well deserved break :-)

and Di (aka Trubes) sent me a wonderful
card from their (husband Ian)  trip to Northumberland
where she met up with a blogger....
and had a fantastic time.

She thinks of me whenever they are on a trip!!!!

Alnwick Castle  - Northumberland

A HUGE thank you to you ALL
A great surprise and to get them
them within  a day of each other
was amazing!!