Sunday 7 August 2011

Altocumulus mackerel sky......

Sitting in my friends garden the other
week , the clouds up above
were something I had never seen
before... very unusual .

Found out that this was called a


  1. Hi Anne. Yes, I have seen that sky before, but I didn't know its name. It certainly is very unusual, isn't it? Hope you're having a good weekend.

  2. I've seen skies like this before but never new it was called a mackerel sky. Now I know why. :D Hope your foot is getting better and better and soon you'll be able to have the cast off.

  3. Hello Anne:
    The sky rather, like the sea, is always a source of endless fascination with its many textures and colours. The pictures you have captured of the mackerel sky are wonderful.

    We divide our time bewteen Brighton and Budapest and whilst Brighton provides us with the most captivating sunsets the Budapest sky is the most changeable, going from cobalt blue to a menacing black in an instant, or so it seems.

    We have found your most varied and engaging blog via Craig and are so pleased to have discovered you. We were sorry to read of your accident and hope that full recovery is just round the corner. We shall look forward to future posts.


  5. Don't you wonder what caused that?-some sort of strange action in the sky. When I was in Provence I was out more in nature and saw all sorts of great clouds. I don't notice them so much in a city.

  6. Bonjour Anne,

    How interesting; I never knew that name! Nuages moutonneux en Français.

    I hope that you are doing fine. I am
    OK. It is a quiet summer in the Paris burbs for me.

    Please take care.


  7. they look very unuusal, so regular!

  8. Hi Anne
    I too saw the mackeral sky on beautiful. I love cloud watching most of all sky watching.

  9. Anne have you really never seen a mackerel sky before, you are learning to see the amazing beauty of Nature!

  10. Beautiful sky. Thanks for the post.

  11. I also didn't know that's what that particular cloud formation was called. Thanks. It looks beautiful.

  12. Love a mackeral sky - I'm told it means there is going to be fair weather!

  13. Anne I somehow missed this post!!! Those clouds are fantastic, you have taken magical photos. I have a book on clouds I really must learn a bit more about them!!! Diane

  14. Hiya Anne,

    One of my fav types of cloud formations... I have always called them fish-scales since I can remember... :)
    Hope you have a great weekend..


  15. Just wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my blog and there is now a photo up in case you're interested. x

  16. ... never long wet; never long dry!

  17. I didn't know different clouds had different names. I can see some grey ones overhead right now - is there another name for storm clouds?


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