Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A new blogger .... Sara .

Lets give huge encouragement to a new blogger....!!

Sara is my cousin Valerie's daughter and yesterday
I noticed that she has started a blog. :-) :-)

Sara lives in Italy near Milan .. with her
husband and two adorable children.

Her blog is in Italian, but that is fine, we can
all get a translator.  I am sure
that Sara is going to give us some fantastic recipes
and photos. 

So feel free to call in and welcome her to the
land of blogging.


HELLO ....

well what a time I have had since being
back from Paris .... !! (post to follow) and
a huge thank you to my fab friends there :-)

Not a super duper start to the summer ..
BUT a cracking start ..... ha ha ha ...

I have broken my ankle in 3 places ..
I know that lots of you who follow me on Facebook
know already.  

they mean so much to me.

It has absolutely floored me  .. I was in hospital for
over a week .. had the op , went to my eldest sons
for a few days now home.

I am not in much pain at all (not at the moment) but
pyschologically it has hit me hard .. I feel like my freedom
has been taken from me .. NO work , no cycling, No walking
and soooo reliant on someone else .. !!

The one saving grace is that I am on the mend ..
I am not ill .. I will recover .. and I just need to get
my mind sorted.  I look around and the house
is in such a mess .. (SO WHAT)!!  But Lying here
with my leg up .. is hard..  

 I cannot sit at my PC for too
long either..so my photo editing is going to have to wait.
And no matter how many times I try I cannot get Picassa (?) to
work on my laptop (or on my PC either).

I think I am being taught a lesson......


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Dear Friends .... Life can ......

throws some things at you ,
 that you just have to step away
from the computer. You have to deal
with life around you ...

Some are easier to fix than others ..
and some take their toll ..

I am taking a break , and going to Paris..
to see my friends , not running away ..
but it sure feels like it.

This was a planned trip for my birthday as
my husband is in Montreal , my eldest son
is on holiday after a tour of duty in the Falklands
and my youngest son is seeing his children.

Happy Week and Weekend to you all ..

Especially to Diane (Southamsdarling) whose daughter is ,,..
getting married on Saturday 11th June ...  :-) :-) ....it will be
fantastic with lots of love and fun around you all.