Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Basilica Santa Eufemia - Grado

The  Basilica of St. Euphemia,  has a three-part façade with two doors and three large windows of an early Christian type. To the right of the front of the cathedral there is a 15th century bell-tower, while inside it has an early Christian structure (three naves, columns and capitals).
In the apse of the church there is a large fresco representing Christ surrounded by symbols of  the “Tetramorph” (the “Christian tetramorph” presents the four evangelists and four saints).

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The building is a typical monument of Byzantine architecture, decorated with mosaics, and it was the cathedral of the Patriarchs of Grado until the mid-fifteenth century. (info taken from Internet)

The Lapidary, which collects many finds from Roman times;
 precious pieces of statues and
 epigraphs dating back to the Roman, Palaeo-Christian,
and late middle ages are conserved

The inscriptions are presented chronologically,
from the first to the fourth century AD.

There has been excavation work going on in the centre
 and they uncovered the ruins of another church
Basilica della Corte.

Byzantine pulpit

The  medieval belltower topped by a distinctive weathervane shaped like an angel (Anzolo),
 a gift from Venice that has become a symbol for the entire community of Grado

Just a few of the wonderful historic sights of Grado ... and
hidden treasures .... !!

Enjoy and Happy Easter to you all ♥♥


  1. Fascinating--you've been so many interesting places!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Stunning, Anne! We don't see this sort of church here and that's why I love Britain and Europe with all its marvelous history and architecture.


  3. Anne your photos are fantastic and the ruins look really interesting. I must get to Italy one day! Happy Easter. Diane x

  4. I love old churches. They have a sense of mystery and magic about them.

  5. This was a wonderful virtual tour Anne, thankyou. I hope you are having a Happy Easter.

  6. Beautiful architecture. I love looking at European churches.

  7. Bonjour Anne,

    Just exquisite. I have never been into a Byzantine church; I find it very pretty.
    How exciting about the earlier church that was excavated inside this one.

    Happy Easter xox

  8. I love travelling and I love photography and your blog is very nice, so I'll keep on coming here following you! Regards,

  9. Happy Easter and thank you for sharing Grado with us.

  10. It's beautiful. Happy Easter, Anne. xx

  11. Amazing! I enjoyed this post a lot. Hope you are having a good week. Missing you :)

  12. I spent a few days west of your route in February. Grado is on my list of places to visit, especially after seeing your pictures!

  13. Great pictures Anne!! And I got married in this church!!!


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