Friday, 25 March 2011

Bon voyage .....and a Safe journey ..

to Diane ..

who is making her way back
to France tomorrow morning...

Hopefully for Diane and hubby the permanent
move to France will happen soon.!!

Hope you have a very safe journey ,
take care.

It was so great to have met you, even though
we didn't see much of each other. 
Lots going on (for both of us)
 and weather was against us
most of the time. 
BUT at least we did manage
our great day out in Oxford .

Diane hopes to be back online
around about the 2nd April .. lets see
how that goes.. .ha ha .. As Diane
said you never know what could happen in France!!

She has also a lot to unpack and sort out.
I have seen what she is taking back !!
Look forward to seeing your French posts again..

A bientot !

Its not often that you meet a blogger
who lives half the time in France and
the other half in the UK .. and the half in
the UK happens to be in your village!!


  1. Morning Anne! That really is a coincidence about Diane living so close to you for six months of the year, and I'm so glad you managed to have your lovely day out in Oxford together. Hope you manage to fill your weekend !

  2. Just enjoyed part three of your day out in Oxford with Diane. Blackwells I would love to be able to have a few hours browsing there again one day.
    I have been in contact with Diane and wished her a safe journey but how sweet of you to post this for her.


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