Monday, 14 March 2011

A beautiful new scarf.......

Thanks to a lovely
lady I met in the

Just over week ago,on a
Saturday morning ,
I went to get my fringe
trimmed ... and whilst
there, a lady was just leaving,
and she put on her scarf .....

I could not help but
ADMIRE it ....!

I asked if she sold them ,
NO !! she said ..never thought
of it.. BUT

She asked how often I visited my hairdresser,
 I do call in just for coffee quite a bit
.she said the wool cost £8...
and  she would see
if they had some left.

On Wednesday evening, I had
a phone call from the lovely lady,
to say my scarf was finished ..and
bless her, she delivered it to me
that evening.!

I was AMAZED ....
A big Thank you to Maureen..
the lovely, thoughtful  lady in the hairdressers!

Click on photo to enlarge.

Lovely Swirly Scarf ♥


  1. It's beautiful Anne - in the lovliest of colours. I'm sure you will wear it with style and warm memories of the sweet lady who made it. xx

  2. That is certainly a stylish scarf. What a clever lady!

  3. Wow. That is fancy. It really dressed up that blouse.

  4. People like that make the world go round!

  5. These are my favourite colors! Pretty!
    So good and kind people do exist!

  6. You told me that the lady had offered to make the scarf for you but I did not realise it was so lovely. No wonder you commented on it. Take care, let me know when you have time to see me re the French. Off for a hair cut today. Diane x

  7. She's quite talented! I don't think that I would look good it but I'm sure that you look smashing!
    Your Friend, m.

  8. What a lovely gesture and great colours.

  9. I can see why you were so drawn to such a lovely scarf. Lucky you, that she was willing to whip up one for you.

    Enjoy it!

  10. That's a very pretty scarf, I like the colors, it was so sweet of her to make you one...have a nice week!

  11. It's so lovely when things like that happen unexpectedly. The photos of your lovely new scarf are lovely too.

  12. Sorry I'm so late in commenting Anne! Wow! How lovely is that scarf, and those colours are beautiful. What a kind lady. I bet that absolutely made your day. Hope you're doing okay.

  13. That's such a lovely story and a great scarf. Isn't it fantastic when unexpected things like that happen... xo

    PS: If you have a moment tomorrow (16.03.), maybe "pop round" to my blog, I would appreciate your thoughts...xo

  14. I can see why you liked it. I wish I could do things like that-I just buy them if I see something I like.

  15. lovely - shgould look gorgeous on you with your dark hair!

  16. Lovely! Maybe you are tempted to pick up knitting? Amy over at L'Oisive gave me my first lessons and event though I am still a beginner it is hugely satisfying! Even though it takes me ions to finish something!!


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