Monday 3 January 2011

A Lovely Christmas present .......

A new calendar from two of
the grandchildren..!!


This is the front cover
and then
a photo for each
month of the year!

The October one is both of them
on Halloween night.. !!

I think it is fantastic ♥


  1. What a fantastic idea for a calendar, Anne! You must have been so thrilled with it, and quite rightly so. You can enjoy it throughout the year, which is lovely.

  2. That is so sweet - even nicer than the one I got of D1 and hubby's puppy that they made for me one year. :D

  3. What a beautiful gift. The photos are really nice!

  4. Anne that is lovely. I made a family one last year and everyone loved it. Rushing around again this week, hopefully soon I will be able to meet you for a get together! Hope you are both feeling better. Diane oxo

  5. I love those calendars. I don't know why I didn't make more when my kids were young and let me take photos of them. Happy New Year.

  6. What a great gift. Wish I had one of my grandchildren.

  7. Bonjour Anne,
    Awwwhh; a wonderful gift!
    There are so many ways to make personalized gifts today. This calandar is a keeper :)


  8. Very sweet and thoughtful gesture. Both are cute and beautiful.

  9. I was busy with shutterfly (photo website) this christmas for photo gifts. What practical and lovely keepsakes they make...thank you for sharing. What cuties to share the year with.

  10. I think that is such a perfect gift! Your grandchildren are just adorable!

  11. Perfect! Daughter did us a photobook of GrandDaughter's first year. The wonders of digital photography!

  12. They look absolutely gorgeous!! Such angels.


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