Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The little package I have been waiting for has arrived ..........

Back in October
I did a post for
which my friend Rosa
asked if I would like to take part
along with Bloggers in Italy and a few
other countries.

One of the ladies taking part ...
was JoAnne - Frutto della Passione..

JoAnne's post included a giveaway
of a $25 gift certificate to spend at
each item purchased generates funds for
for more free mammograms.

I was totally unaware of the certificate
but just left  a comment for JoAnne
about her great post
and  guess what?

I won the certificate. 
Could not believe it.!!

I had to go to the website and choose
a gift , which I can tell you took me a long
time, so many wonderful gifts on there, work out
how to pay and wait for the
 gift to come from America.

I knew this was the gift to choose
as soon as I saw the words
on the pendant...
the same as in my header!!
We can all make a difference
not only in October
but everyday!


  1. well done! Congrats and words to live by!

  2. Well done and as for your choice of gift it just had to be the pendant, no doubt about that with those words, what a coincidence!

  3. I'm so glad everything arrived! Enjoy your lovely prize!

  4. WhaT A lovely choice you made! I love those words, Live, Love, Laugh. I have that saying on a little plaque hung in the house. Well done you for winning the prize!

  5. The pendant is just gorgeous. Live~ Love~ Laugh, beautiful words


  6. What a surprise, congratulations Anne. I am looking forward to seeing you wear the pendant. Diane

  7. Such a cute pendant! What a fun prize. :)

  8. Well that is a gorgeous pendant, Anne. A wonderful thought too!
    Have a lovely evening, we are getting ready for a few very cold nights. xxxx

  9. Congratulations! That pendant is lovely, I like the design and the words... Very beautiful. Hope your week is going well, Love from London x

  10. Hi Anne ~ Live Love Laugh
    such perfect words...
    for always ... you are so right ~
    congrats on your fun treasure that arrived!

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  12. Bonjour Anne,

    Félicitations! Congrats! That is so wonderful :)
    What beautiful and inspiring words which are yours. And now, you can remind even total strangers of the important things in life.
    And yes, a gorgeous choice :)

    Life is coming along and I hope that you are happy and busy.


  13. It's a great cause to support, well done you!!

  14. Lovely gift. Congrats by the way! :)


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