Sunday 14 November 2010

Happy Wedding Day to Wonderful friends .......................

Carolyn and Clive

They  are getting married
today (sunday 14th November @ 5pm)
in Australia where they live.
Wishing you both
all the best for
the future.

Hope you have a
fantastic Day ♥♥♥

Love from us all.

I was very fortunate to meet these
two wonderful people in Paris
April 2009.



  1. Many congratulations to the two of them, and I'm sure we all wish them lots of joy and happiness for the future.

  2. I obviously don't know them, but I'm always more than happy to wish a couple CONGRATULATIONS, ALL THE BEST AND A LOVELY DAY on their wedding day. Have a beautiful day. Love from London x

  3. YAY!!! I posting on my blog, too! Soo happy for them!

  4. It's so exciting! I hope we see a wedding picture soon.

  5. Iam absolutely thrilled for them!!
    Thank you for passing the word on FB, Anne. I had been off the blogs a bit since I had been ill.


  6. Hello sweet Anne and a heartfelt thanks for this lovely post! I appreciate your commenters, too and everyone's lovely wedding wishes.

    Thank you!!

    Look forward to seeing you in person one of these days again soon!

    Cheers for now and take care.


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