Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Off to Figeac ....

I took myself on a short bus journey
to this wonderful town.
So much to see, lots of walks, little
lanes to explore and lots of
people watching too!
 Figeac is the largest town in this part of the Lot region.  A beautifully restored medieval town and a pretty location on the Célé River, you will have lots to explore. All of Figeac's historic sites are described in a wonderful self-guided walking tour of the old city available from the Tourist Information Office.

Click on photos to enlarge.

I  really loved walking around Figeac, even though I was
my own.  I do prefer having someone to share the
day with , and stopping for a cafe or wine.

More to come .. sorry it has taken me so long!!


  1. Lovely photos as always... Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of those odd shaped houses?

  2. Great photos. I was thinking the same thing as Ro, what would it be like inside those house that are shaped funny, what would the room be like????

  3. Hi Rosa and Lucy .. It would be a challenge . :-) When I see Round houses or houses with round walls sometimes that must be a challenge.

    Pleased you both like my photos , it was an amazing place, went there twice .

  4. Just imagine the stories that could be told if only walls could talk. I would have loved to stroll this town with you--such a beautiful day and a charming town.


  5. Oh, I wish I could have been there to stroll and sip with you. I truly enjoy the way you travel.

  6. That river setting looks enchanting, what a lovely looking place and interesting buildings!

  7. What a beautiful place Anne and great photos. I love the river and the church is stunning. There is just so much history in France, I hope they preserve it all. Diane

  8. Looks amazing, I love little towns like that. I haven't been to the Lot region. Would you recommend it as a place to visit?

  9. Debi - Can you imagine the stories that would be told. You would of loved it and you would of been welcome to stroll, and as you say the weather was brilliant.

    Jenny .. I wish you could of been with me too.. :-) I am sure we would of sipped a few :-)

    Linda .. the River setting is as you say enchanting, it so wonderful.

    Diane .. This place is well and truly preserved .. this town is wonderful .I would even stay there for a few days.

    Andrea .. I would recommend it, so wonderful with so many quaint places to see. There is a lot of info on the web about this area.

  10. Very pretty town! I also prefer to visit such places with somebody, I feel a little bit abandoned when I have to do it on my own

  11. Beautiful town and stunning photos!


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