Monday, 4 October 2010

My beautiful giveaway prize that I won ....

Before I went on holiday,
I left a comment
on Bonjour Romance blog,
written by Mimi.

Mimi was having a giveaway,
and the prize was so cute, and
just right for someone who travels .

 YES I won one of these
beautiful little compact photo frames.

BUT the best part of it was, that I could pick the
prize up myself and meet Mimi..!!

She lives in PARIS.

We met up at The Trocadero ,
had a lovely lunch and lots
of chat, did some walking and
Mimi showed  me around the Passy area!

We had a lovely time , and it was
so great to meet Mimi.

I do hope that you go over to her blog
and read about her latest venture ..
and her stories of little trips around Paris.

I was able to pick it up as
I was in France on holiday still,
and was heading back to Paris
to stay with my friend  Dawn for a few days
then head home!

Thank you Mimi ♥


  1. What a fabulous bonus to be able to collect in person :)

  2. I agre with Lindy, not only a great gift but a big bonus to be able to collect yourself. Diane

  3. Lucky you! to be able to meet Mimi, pick up a prize, and to be in Paris! :D

  4. Hi Anne~ what a lovely prize to win, especially as you travel a lot and have many lovely photos.
    How great that you could meet Mimi in Paris and spend time with another blogger!

  5. Okay, it is officially "official": you are the Queen of Lucky Ducks! Your fabulous prize is certainly a darling one amongst the few you have posted before...but the delight of all is that you were able to meet Mimi! Now my question is, she does not have a picture of herself on her blog...did you snap a pic of her? I am sure though that her privacy is something she guards and won't dare to ask you to post it, but I do confess I am curious. I guess I will just have to journey over to Paris myself and meet up....oh, Lord willing, one day...with a brief stop over in Oxfordshire..hehe.

  6. Love catching up on your blog and your amazing photos of PARIS!!! So happy you won the frame and had the meeting at Trocadero -- your photos are all brilliant.

    Cheers from Sydney and happy travels.

  7. Now that IS a fabulous win, Anne.
    Do have a happy Tuesday xxx

  8. I'll try again because Blogger suddenly took a dislike to me...

    Salut Anne, it looks like you've had a great time in France in general and Paris in particular, plus how lucky are you to win the frames! I'm sure it must have been great to meet other blogging friends and Mimi seems lovely. I've actually subscribed to her magazine and will have an article in the nex issue - so exciting. I hope you have a great week, Love from London x

  9. Wow! How lucky can you get. Such a pretty frame to remind you of Paris!

  10. Fantastic, lucky you, I never win anything!

  11. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I tried to meet with Mimi while in Paris last week, and our schedules didn't jive. I tried! I love her mag too.

    Great to meet another blogger and Paris lover. What was just an anniversary trip 5 yrs ago, ended up turning our lives upsidedown, in a good way! We've been to Paris every fall for the past five years. We took the Eurostar to London last year, but only for one day. We hope to return soon.

    Teri @

  12. Bonjour Anne,
    Oh it was such a pleasure to meet you as well. What a treat to deliver it in person. I look forward to meeting up again soon!
    Take care!


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