Saturday, 9 October 2010

Montbrun ....near Cadrieu.. France.

is a village not far from

A village with lovely walks and views,
and history. 

click on photos to enlarge.

If you open this link  you will see a picture similar
to mine in the top left hand corner of the third collage.

Yep I climbed up to the top..
unfortunately you cannot see much of the
castle !


  1. Great pictures, looks like a very pretty village. Diane

  2. Beautiful ... what a great place to explore.

  3. You have been busy, three posts in as many days Anne. More lovely postcards and great photos of your recent trip to France, a very enjoyable catch up for me. I love the new widget (is that the term) that you here for enlarging the photos. Have a good weekend.

  4. I like how you look UP with the camera - gives a wonderful perspective.

  5. France has to have more charming villages than any other country--one right after another, if you get off the main roads and take the back roads. Thanks for sharing this one with us.


  6. Bonjour Anne,

    I enjoyed these! It is nice to discover other regions of France. I am currently looking for areas around my home, which are not far via the train. Like Amiens.

    But of course,Cadrieu is very far away. That would need a real vacation!

  7. A wonderful impression, Anne.
    Wishing you a sweet Sunday and a lovely week ahead xxx

  8. wow! Such lovey view! I adore medieval villages, especially when they are on top of hills or cliffs or something, it's just magical.

  9. Such a difference from English villages. You can tell in an instance that you are in France.

  10. This village looks gorgeous....I don't know it but I would love to have an explore one day.....xv

  11. Very Picturesque! Love to relax at an outdoor cafe with a glass of wine there...

  12. What a lovely looking place. I love all of the old grey stone against the trees. Nice photos Anne!


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