Thursday 23 September 2010

Parc Andre Citroen - 15th arrondissement - Paris

is very interesting,
with lots of different gardens,
fountains and balloon rides.

There are six serial gardens and they are associated with a metal, a planet, a day of the week, a state of water and as sense.

The blue garden: copper, Venus, Friday, rain, and the sense of smell,
The green garden: tin, Jupiter, Thursday, spring water, and the sense of hearing.
The orange garden: mercury (the metal), Mercury (the planet), Wednesday, creeks, and the sense of touch.
The red garden: iron, Mars, Tuesday, waterfalls, and the sense of taste.
The silver garden: silver, the Moon, Monday, rivers, and sight.
The golden garden: gold, the Sun, Sunday, evaporation, and the 6th sense.

The parc is situated on the site where
the Citroen factory stood from 1915
until 1970. When it was moved to the
outside of Paris.

Lots to see, definitely worth a visit!


  1. These gardens are beautiful Anne, yet another thing I have not seen! Yep, found the butterfly but doubt if I would have if you had not mentioned it:-) Diane

  2. I had to look hard, but I found le papillon (my favourite French word as it just rolls off the tongue!). Beautiful photos of a stunning location. :D

  3. Hi Anne ~ you have definitely visited some different Paris parks and aren't they set out so lovely.

  4. Beautiful and my kind of park. Happy week ahead Anne :)

  5. I haven't been there in ages. I love to see children get in that fountain when it's hot.

  6. You seem to have found such interesting places to visit Anne. Have a good weekend.

  7. I love Paris, Anne. Your photos are gorgeous!
    HAve a most wonderful weekend. xxx

  8. Hi Anne,
    Le Parc André Citroën!
    Ah the baloon,the water falls and those huge spaces.
    I also remember a certain park resident sunning on the bench :)

    Bye for now xo


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