Saturday 1 May 2010

Hello to All my friends....

I am taking a little blogging break... just met up with
Leesa (from France) in London for a few days....
and Barbara has come over from France as well!
They are in Oxfordshire with me until Monday..
so spending time with them too, ..
More postcards have been sent to me, so
need to thank those people, some from bloggers and some
from the Postcrossing (postcard site) that I have joined.
A very hectic week trying to get up to date!
Thank you for all your latest comments, sorry
I have not had time to get to your blogs.
Have a great weekend and a good week too!


  1. Have a wonderful time girls!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

  2. Have a fun time with the girls.

  3. Sounds like so much fun and lots of laughter!!!

  4. oh how lovely... hope your all having fun :-)

  5. Enjoy your break and have fun!

  6. Have fun with Leesa and look forward to hearing all about it when you have the time.

  7. Enjoy your break with your friends, and we look forward to your return.

  8. Have a great time with your friends Anne. Thank you for all your kind and positive comments - I will get back with you this week, but don't worry till you're back from your fun holiday!

  9. Thanks for the update. Blogging is such a funny wonderful thing...'cause I sit here so excited for YOUR weekend and hoping to hear more about it later. As a blogger you get hooked on getting the scoop. Enjoy your friends!

  10. Hope you've had a fantastic weekend!

  11. So happy to be part of your Paris adventures! Glad to finally meet and spend time with you.
    You're a lovely lady and I look forward to keeping in touch.

  12. It was just lovely to be able to know of your adventures. Everything was so lovely... to really be in touch with someone who knows Paris and London too. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you travel by ship to Paris? How romantic.

    And what about London? Is that very far from the city of Oxfordshire? I have a picture of you perhaps doing that in a train with wonderful views and old fashioned wooden tables with tea (or champagne with strawberries and cream) being served by the train staff. Is it still really like that?


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