Sunday 9 May 2010

Back home now….and a Postcard Post....

just returned from a wonderful trip to visit friends in Paris.

I have lots to do as you can imagine!

But what the heck, I have to blog about these.

3 more wonderful postcards!


This postcard was from a lovely lady named Sanna from Finland, who is on Postcrossing, loves Formula 1, a Ferrari Fan. She has put some great stamps on too!


Le Mont Saint-Michel

This post card was from my great friend Leesa.. who had a trip with her husband Alex.. Leesa took lots and lots of photos..check out her blog, you will not be disappointed !!


This postcard came from a new reader.

Koralee @ Bluebird Notes

Koralee’s blog is amazing.. so vibrant in colour, friendly and with brilliant photos. You really must go and have a read, you will be there hours!

We found each others blogs, through comments left on another.. which is Bonjour Romance, who lives in Paris. Unfortunately on this trip, I could not meet up with Mimi.. time was an issue. Lets hope on the next trip.

A big thank you Koralee, Leesa and Sanna.


  1. Oh I am so glad you got it!!! That was fast seeing I think I just posted it last week. I will keep looking for something more unique and send it your way too. Thanks for all the sweet words you sent my way. Hope your week is filled with many blessings. xoxoxo

  2. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying Postcrossing, maybe I should go back there some time as like you I love postcards:)

  3. Anne you've been living in the fast lane! Quite the collection of postcards (as witnessed from the previous posts). Curious to see what you've experienced in Paris..again!

  4. I missed you once more! My fault! I should have advised you... , but I was away from Paris. Sorry!

  5. Welcome home!
    Can't wait to see your photos Anne.
    Like your postcards!!


  6. Nice cards! It was great to see you again. We should start planning your next trip to Paris hee hee!

  7. How fun...what lovely postcards!!! And you just arrived back from lucky!!! I was there a few weeks ago for the first time and loved it {who wouldn't?}! I'm missing it, that's for sure!

    :) T

  8. I love it when you show us your postcards! I love getting post cards, people no longer use snail mail anymore :-(

  9. Beautiful postcards my friend! Ohh you're back from Paris??? Lucky girl! Thanks to you I can travel from my home...I'd rather do it in the real way, but...
    Big hugs!

  10. Welcome back Anne! I look forward to hearing stories about your travels. :-)

  11. Beautiful post cards! Reminded me when I first started my blog. I did a post cards giveaway and sent every single post card to all commentors. up till now, i have their addresses and they are my best buds in blog land. I tried looking for your email but cant find. I'd like to send you one if you can the add to my email. Cheers and have a great weekend Anne...hugs/M

  12. Thinking of YOU Anne!


  13. Hi Anne--

    Great that you're getting so many postcards!

    Take care and see you in just some months from now!


  14. Hi Anne! what lovely postcards you recived...I'm curious to read about your travels :-)

    Welcome back, Ciao!

  15. Hi Anne, Welcome home, I'm glad you had such a lovely holiday with your friends.
    The Postcard of Le Mont Saint-Michel, reminds me of a holiday we had.
    We travelled through the 'Chunnel' and motored down to Honfleur, we also visted Le Mont, truly stunning.
    In fact, as I'm still 'chair bound', I may write about my travels, something to do before I go stir crazy!
    I love reading your blog, also Welshcakes and The Pedalogue, Certainly high on my favourites list!

  16. I have named you in my top 10 you deserve an award!!!!

  17. Hello, thanks for the comment :0 I've never heard of postcrossing, i love snail mail, you just cant beat it!!

  18. Hi Anne, I've been meaning to pop over and say hello, but I've barely had time to read any blogs since the baby got here. Daddy is taking the little one for a walk so I have a minute or two for myself. I hope you had a great time in Paris! Maybe one of these days we can make it over since it is so close, even though neither my husband or myself can speak any French. In school his French teacher called his mom and suggested that he be taken out of her French class before he breaks his tongue! I guess English is more his passion... lucky for me! Have a great week!


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