Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Postman called again …..

with two lovely postcards, and the countries couldn’t of been further apart! I couldn’t believe it when they dropped on the mat. I really do wonder what my postman thinks!!

My first came from a lovely lady named  Di whose blog is Trubes..  Trubes lives in Liverpool, Where the Beatles come from, and I know Trubes is a massive fan. Also Gerry and the Pacemakers came from there ! Famous for the song “You’ll never walk alone”, the  anthem for Liverpool FC. I am sorry to say that I do not know much about Liverpool, so I better get learning.

I have  just read that Liverpool has been named in the top three UK city break destinations for the second successive year by readers of travel bible, Condé Nast Traveller Magazine.

Cimg4508 The buildings from left to right are ..The Liver Building, The Cunard Building and The Port of Liverpool building.

My second card came from my friend Carolyn who lives in Sydney,  her blog is My Sydney Paris Life…yes she lives in Sydney and visits Paris a lot.  I was  very lucky to meet lovely Carolyn and Clive, back in April..my first visit to Paris!!

Now interestingly her card was from neither of these places , Carolyn’s card was from Ridgewood New Jersey!!! Carolyn and her partner Clive also visit America as her mum and her son live over there.  Oh and I forgot that they visit the UK too as Clive’s father lives here.  A very busy life, and lots of travelling.


I hope that you  call in and have a read of their blogs, very different and both very interesting.!! We can learn a lot through each others blogs, and all about each others areas of the world.  I for one have learnt quite bit, and met really lovely people.

A big thank you to Di and Carolyn!


  1. Wow you have a lot of friends all over the world! I saw your gallery of cards. What a range! I'm off to check their blogs...

  2. We're hoping to meet Di in Liverpool when we come over...who knows when. :D Send me your address and I'll send you a postcard from here!

  3. I would love to send you a postcard...how do I do that? Merriest of Christmastimes to you.

  4. The sea front of Liverpool has hardly changed since my only visit to Liverpool, in 1960... and then I knew nothing yet about the Beatles, although that was when they got started I beleive! (I obiously saw them one year later in Hamburg without realising it!) ... and next week I will listen to Paul McCartney!

  5. Glad you liked your PC Anne. I forgot to mention the famous Liverbirds on the top of the Liver Buildings also the Mersey ferry in the foreground. Gerry and the Pacemakers recorded 'Ferry across the Mersey' which was also a terrific hit, as well as 'When you Walk Through a Storm'.
    In fact,I much preferred, 'Ferry across the Mersey' it had quite a haunting sound about it.
    I have met Gerry and The Pacemakers several times too. They're still performing locally...real old boys now!
    Hey ho, I guess old age creeps upon us all!
    Thanks for your kind words too. xx


  6. Peter the view on the PC of Liverpool is still the same but most of the docklands have been regenerated forming the Albert and Brunswick Docks, very popular with the Tourists. We also have a wonderful new shopping precinct called Liverpool One, this too has been a roaring success with the Tourists.


  7. I am another Blogger, just found you via Figs and Lemons.
    your blog looks fun, glad I found you.

  8. Hi Anne - so glad it arrived! :) You must have quite a collection.

    Wish you were here in Paris now -- maybe next year our visits will coincide.

    Cheers and take care xxoo


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