Monday, 7 December 2009

My Great Friends Dawn and Tom.....

went to Edinburgh for the weekend.......and guess what?? A postcard arrived...! Thank you for taking time out of your weekend :-)

Dawn is a wonderful friend of mine, that I met for the first time back in April in Paris...She came along to meet us (Caroline and I) at Gare du Nord,with Leesa,

Dawn, Caroline and Leesa

and we have been friends ever since...she is such a hoot. But bless her, she is having to re-locate back to New Jersey next year, not sure when, so we are praying for an extension.

In the meantime, they are making the most of their time in Europe..not only by seeing and doing a lot in Paris, with the amazing Parcs, Cemeteries and sights but also by travelling further afield. To have the time and the facility to do so is amazing.

I hope that you visit her blog, to see, what Dawn has been up to..I love her blog!! So much to read and see.

Thank you Dawn!


  1. Great post!!!! Dawn's THE BEST!!! I liked the pic of us!!!

  2. What lovely friends you have :-)

  3. I have been enjoying Dawn's blog, thanks to you! You must have quite the postcard collection now :-))

  4. I'm glad that you received the postcard!! Did I have the correct address?? I love the United Kingdom!!


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